April/May 2012 – Ribbons of Time Show

The Human Spirit

During the past six months, I devoted a great deal of time to an exhibition I am currently featured in at Studio 18 in Pembroke Pines, Florida.  After such great response, from visitors who were intrigued by the process and all of the ideas that went into The Human Spirit & Ribbon Share Project, I’ve decided to share the process in a series of posts on my blog.

The Human Spirit installation & Ribbon Share Project

The Human Spirit installation & Ribbon Share Project

The show closes this Friday, May 25th.  In the coming weeks I will share the inspiration behind the project, expectations of what I thought I would discover, the physical fabrication, obstacles and learning experiences.  I must admit that when I initially set out on this adventure that, while I had an open mind, it turned out to be so much more than my expectations in so many ways.

Collected ribbons

Ribbons contributed for the first piece in the Ribbon Share Project

While waiting for my first installment, please check out a photo tour of The Human Spirit & Ribbon Share Project on my flickr.  Feel free to post any questions you might have in the comments below or feel free to contact me directly.


Born with a bunch of crayons in one hand and sparkly pop beads in the other, Beth started her professional career as an art educator and later moved into gaming/simulation. She settled into the advertising world making motion graphics and animation for thousands of commercial projects, all while experimenting in various art media during her free time. While Beth has worn many different hats during her career, she considers herself and artist first and foremost. At a crossroads in 2006, the urge to find her own artistic voice became a priority. The same curiosity and desire to experiment as a child drives her work today, and still gets her into trouble now and then! If you ever get a chance, ask her about the beanbag chair adventure. "Award winning, exhibited and published but who cares?!?! Making fun art, experimenting and pushing myself to keep learning and sharing is where it's at!!! Communicating and connecting with others is the ultimate gift and I appreciate the ability to share that every day. That's why I got into it and why I keep making art."

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