A bigger picture

I’m relieved and ecstatic to say that my kickstarter project is finally launched!  Up to this point I had been tentative to talk about the whole project and, for me, that was like keeping a gift a secret.  It was important because I had asked for assistance, sponsorship really, from a few different organizations and I wasn’t even sure if the whole project was going to be possible.  Fortunately for me, one of the organizations I contacted was interested and has helped me with some supplies for the main installation.  Midori Ribbon generously supplied a significant amount of ribbon and I am unbelievably grateful!  Thanks to Midori Ribbon and especially Sarah who was very patient and accommodating.

Why all the ribbon, you ask?  Well, The Human Spirit is a tree made of ribbon!  I’ve wanted to use ribbon in a project for a long time but I wanted to incorporate it in a meaningful way-I wanted it to be part of the concept.  Ribbons of Time turned out to be perfect timing because I had started working on a concept of family heritage.  My first sketch was a wall installation about 10 feet wide.  In the months that followed it became a 12 foot tall 3-dimensional installation and a companion project.  There were so many ways to tie in the ribbon: it’s very reminiscent of dna when twisted, represents the ties that bind or how we might be bound to an aspiration or legacy that is not our own desire.  Ribbon is woven of many threads and those threads represent everyone who has come before us and those who will come after us.  I will be revealing more throughout the process but some of it will be exclusive to my backers on kickstarter.  To view the project, you can visit here

In my next post, I’ll be sharing more about The Ribbon Share Project.  Thanks for visiting and stay tuned!


Born with a bunch of crayons in one hand and sparkly pop beads in the other, Beth started her professional career as an art educator and later moved into gaming/simulation. She settled into the advertising world making motion graphics and animation for thousands of commercial projects, all while experimenting in various art media during her free time. While Beth has worn many different hats during her career, she considers herself and artist first and foremost. At a crossroads in 2006, the urge to find her own artistic voice became a priority. The same curiosity and desire to experiment as a child drives her work today, and still gets her into trouble now and then! If you ever get a chance, ask her about the beanbag chair adventure. "Award winning, exhibited and published but who cares?!?! Making fun art, experimenting and pushing myself to keep learning and sharing is where it's at!!! Communicating and connecting with others is the ultimate gift and I appreciate the ability to share that every day. That's why I got into it and why I keep making art."

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