Postcards and Backers

Thank you so much to the supporters of my project. Currently, I have 3 backers and have shared it with everyone I know. I appreciate the support more than you will ever know. My family doesn’t always “get” my projects but they always support whatever I’m doing. I know they were a little surprised by the amount I was hoping to raise so I explain that a portion of that money goes towards fees for the project, credit card processing and there are several reward levels to fulfill. It is easy to forget some of the expenses too: postage, mailing materials (I recycle as much as I can though!), production expenses, etc. I am hoping that, when funded, I will have about $2400 to put towards my project and my anticipated budget for the whole project is about $5000. I have affirmations all over the place and appreciate all of the good vibes and I can’t wait to share more good news so stay tuned for that!

When I was working on the postcards this past weekend, I also made a couple of mini posters. I’m happy with the way they came out. It’s an abstract concept to communicate and I really didn’t want it to get too busy. I was also thinking of making it into a digital wallpaper with just the imagery (without the text). Still thinking about that. Here’s what they look like…


Born with a bunch of crayons in one hand and sparkly pop beads in the other, Beth started her professional career as an art educator and later moved into gaming/simulation. She settled into the advertising world making motion graphics and animation for thousands of commercial projects, all while experimenting in various art media during her free time. While Beth has worn many different hats during her career, she considers herself and artist first and foremost. At a crossroads in 2006, the urge to find her own artistic voice became a priority. The same curiosity and desire to experiment as a child drives her work today, and still gets her into trouble now and then! If you ever get a chance, ask her about the beanbag chair adventure. "Award winning, exhibited and published but who cares?!?! Making fun art, experimenting and pushing myself to keep learning and sharing is where it's at!!! Communicating and connecting with others is the ultimate gift and I appreciate the ability to share that every day. That's why I got into it and why I keep making art."

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