Putting it into words…

The Human Spirit started as an introspective project about my own family heritage, in some ways a life size scrapbook. As a 12 foot tall lyrical family tree it commands attention showing history in the roots and trunk, ideas of the future and inspiration within the branches and blooms. Ribbon, integral to the structure of the tree, represents many ideas

• Representing a road or path
• Reminiscent of a DNA strand
• Similar to the way we are woven of many ideas and experiences
• Also represent obligation or being tied to something for better or worse

While researching family history, it became apparent that there were many shared experiences and similarities. In a journey to find my uniqueness, I discovered a paradox. We are very much the same but different.

Searching for a way to share that idea with a larger audience, I made an experiential activity to accompany my installation. I ask everyone to find something they share with someone else and to write that on a ribbon along with their initials. It can be an idea, character trait, anything that is not extremely vulgar or hateful. I will then take all of the ribbons and make them into a piece of artwork to be presented at a future showing. All of those ideas will make a larger impression when combined, proving that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. I call this The Ribbon Share Project.



Born with a bunch of crayons in one hand and sparkly pop beads in the other, Beth started her professional career as an art educator and later moved into gaming/simulation. She settled into the advertising world making motion graphics and animation for thousands of commercial projects, all while experimenting in various art media during her free time. While Beth has worn many different hats during her career, she considers herself and artist first and foremost. At a crossroads in 2006, the urge to find her own artistic voice became a priority. The same curiosity and desire to experiment as a child drives her work today, and still gets her into trouble now and then! If you ever get a chance, ask her about the beanbag chair adventure. "Award winning, exhibited and published but who cares?!?! Making fun art, experimenting and pushing myself to keep learning and sharing is where it's at!!! Communicating and connecting with others is the ultimate gift and I appreciate the ability to share that every day. That's why I got into it and why I keep making art."

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